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Pantelis Sklias & Georgios Maris: Greek, European or Global Crisis?

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In 1991, when the Maastricht Treaty was signed an entirely new economic project was created. The Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) was unique not only because its area, magnitude and extension were unprecedented, but also because the European countries transferred important elements of their political and economic sovereignty to transnational and intergovernmental institutions. In fact,…

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Ágnes Szunomár: The roots of Chinese-Central European relations – The case of Hungary

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The Chinese presence in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) has intensified recently as China’s great power ambitions have grown and the CEE-region has been in dour need of this new partnership due to the economic crisis. However, this relationship is not as new-fangled as it seems. In some cases – for example the case of…

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Rethinking the European Union’s Economic Relations with the Mediterranean

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Starting with the Jasmine Revolution of Tunisia and spreading onto Egypt, Libya and most recently Syria, the sudden wave of upheavals in the Mediterranean have created a whole new reality across the Arab world. By showing the limits of their tolerance for the corrupt and autocratic regimes that have governed their countries for decades, the…

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Europe and Asia together against non-traditional security challenges

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The results of the Tenth ASEM Foreign Ministers’ Meeting Ágnes Szunomár The relationship between Europe and Asia – although more and more common interests and challenges connect them – for a long time has consisted of bilateral relations without a formal supporting structure or framework such as for transatlantic relations in the case of Europe…

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Welcome to the European Strategist!

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The last couple of weeks were filled with in-house discussions on what kind of ideology we ought to use, what kind of mission and vision we should stand for and of course, what kind of design we should create for our very own online international affairs magazine, The European Strategist. Well, as you probably see…

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