Workers said they were sleeping in woods near the warehouse to save money on transport. Photo copyright Cascade News (2016).

Amazon workers sleeping in tents: on the logic of serfdom

A brief analysis of the ‘economic rationalization’ that emerged throughout the comment sections of articles about Amazon employees, who chose to sleep in tents outside their warehouse to save money. At the end of last year, stories emerged claiming that Amazon employees had been sleeping in tents directly outside their companies’ warehouse in Fife, Scotland. […]


The art of attention: Berger has spent much of his life interrogating what it is to see, feel and to “separate fact and imagination”. Photo: FRANCK COURTÈS/AGENCE VU

John Berger: Art is an adventure and a way of discovering the world

The influential art critic, artist and novelist John Berger passed away last week on January 2nd. He was one of the pioneering voices of innovative art programmes on the British TV, offering a then (and still) unique view of art as a discovery open to everyone, notwithstanding their education, age or profession. Berger believed in […]

1898. Los últimos de Filipinas movie poster, directed by Salvador Cano. Produced by Enrique Cerezo PC, 13 TV, CIPI Cinematográfica S.A., and ICAA. Licensed under Fair Use.

The end of an empire – 1898: The Last Garrison of the Philippines

In 1898, Spain and America entered a three-month war that ended with the Spanish Empire’s defeat and relinquishing of all of its remaining Pacific and American holdings – namely Cuba and the Philippines – after its defeat. For the Philippines, the war arguably marked the beginning of the path to becoming the nation it is […]

Spain's acting Primer Minister and candidate of Popular Party Mariano Rajoy, waves to his supporters as he celebrates the results of the party during the national elections in Madrid, Spain, Sunday, June 26, 2016. Spain's repeat election on Sunday failed to clarify the political future of the European Union's fifth-largest economy, with the main parties placing roughly the same as in last December's ballot, which brought six months of stalemate. (AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza)

Delicate politics of Spain: Rajoy’s minority government has to brace for storm

On Sunday 30th October, Mariano Rajoy was officially reinstated as Prime Minister of Spain. This happened after more than three-hundred days of political deadlock during which no party was able to form a coalition government. The threat of a third general election loomed ever larger on the horizon. This state of play ended with a […]

Donald Trump in Florida / Jonathan Ernst, Reuters

Donald’s Populist Moment: Revolt of the Masses or Revolt of the Elites?

The gloom in the eyes of the genteel EU folk in Brussels on Wednesday 9 November was a perfect reflection of the city’s rain-filled skies that morning. “The current tenant of the White House is the first Black President of the United States,” a colleague of mine quipped as I passed by his cubicle, “the […]

Gridlock on No-cars Day

Thursday the 22nd was No-Cars Day in Madrid, Spain. On this day people are encouraged to leave their cars at home and make use of Madrid’s public transport system to get to work, when they aren’t walking or riding bicycles to do so. The unofficial ecological holiday is meant to promote an environmentally-friendly lifestyle as […]