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Lingua Latina: single language for the EU?

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Digital painting "Empire" by mf-jeff

The article of Fritz Sturm, ‘Lingua Latina fundamentum et salue Europae‘ is a rare piece that promotes the use of Latin language as the common administrative language of the EU. It starts by considering the EU’s current policy of multilingualism, which it rejects as practically and economically problematic. What is more, in effect it is…

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Embargo on Iranian oil: A move to save the US Dollar hegemony

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Acting through its ambassadors, the European Union has announced the imposition of an oil embargo on Iran from July 2012 on as well as placement of sanctions against Iran’s Central Bank, which aim to disrupt the funding of the country’s nuclear programme. But will that suffice? Will it have any effect? Or will it rather…

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Althusius: A Thinker of European Federalism

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Johannes Althusius As the ‘F-word’ is increasingly discussed in the intellectual and political circles as a viable solution to the Eurozone crisis, it is useful to remind ourselves that there is more to federalism than the well-known model of the United States. In fact, there is an older strand of federal thought that is peculiar…

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